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Private Vehicle Registration & Renewal

Any natural or artificial person can register a vehicle in his name in the UAE, if he/she is the owner of that vehicle. It is not allowed to drive any vehicle on roads, unless it is registered according to the traffic laws, its executive regulations and decisions.

Company Vehicle Registration & Renewal

Any company can register a vehicle under its business license in Dubai. In order to register your vehicle, first you have to complete and submit various forms and documentation to the RTA.

Road Side Assistance (Recovery Service)

If you’ve broken down and you need roadside assistance for your car or truck, we can help you get back on the road. No matter what kind of car trouble, we are here to get you running as quickly as possible.

Vehicle Transfer Service

Selling or buying a car needs a lot of formalities to be done which includes, vehicle test, new insurance, setting up an appointment at RTA wherein both buyer and seller will sign a contract of transfer of ownership.

Insurance Assistance for All Type of Vehicles (TPL & Comprehensive)

Your car needs protection from road accidents and repairs. Vehicle insurance can cover for the loss, damages and third-party liability when you experience an accident. All vehicles in the U.A.E are required to have an insurance.

All Door to Door Service

We know that time is a valuable resource for you and that is why we developed the Door to door service. With this service, we will handle all your vehicle-related operations, and you won’t have to move a finger for it.


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